Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ten Years and Still Counting

John and I celabrated our 10th anniversary on April 10th. So I being the creative one, made a list of ten things that I love about my husband (work ethic, passion, service, bad habits, & others). I bought something to go along with each one and gave them to him. After presenting all theese things to him I huged and kissed him. But What he nagleted to inform me was that he had just thrown out a case of moldy lemons. I left, took Emma to school and went home. Within 30 miniutes of laying on the couch because I didn't feel good I called John and had him come home because my throat was closing off and my eye's were almost swollen shut. He got home and we went to the ER where I got an EpiPen shot. But hey at least we were alone for our anniversary well almost alone. We had Thomas with us. Grandpa Crockett came and got Catherine and took her home.


Quinn said...

Wow! That's a great idea! It's Randy & I's 5 year in December & I may copy you... minus the allergic reaction! Yikes! That sounds awful! I love how optimistic you are though! Thanks for leaving your blog address at my blog! I'm excited to finally have you guys!

csperriton said...

Happy 10 year Anniversary you guys! No fun to be in the ER, however. Who'd a thought kissing your husband would be so dangerous! :)