Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Clark Reunion!!!

What a blast we had. The entire Clark family (except 4 people) were there. The
family sure has expanded Quite a bit from the last time that we got together.
Matthew was in charge this year and what a great job he did. Kudos to the Master
Chef. Friday we all went to the beach including Granney and Gramps. Ultimate
Frisbee was a blast to watch. John participated I Melissa watched. Saturday a
group of about 25 of us went to the caves. Word to the wise if you have any
children under the age of 4 leave them back at camp. 5 kids and babies in our group
(only 2 were mine) had to be carried kudos to Rachel and Kevin. Then later that
day we went to the beach again. Yet again I watched while the younger generation
(with the exception of Mark) played Ultimate Frisbee. Sunday Morning we got up got
ready for church, checked out, went up to the cabin and didn't go to church (yes I
know that I will Burn). Sunday Night we ate and said our good bye's. Until the
next reunion in 2011. God be with you till we meet again!

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